Very short disconnects ... 3-4 seconds



I purchased the balance one and have migrated from the 20. All went according to plan.

With the new setup… I notice a few times during the day the router is sensing a loss of connection to my comcast WAN… but only for a few seconds at a time… typically 5 seconds or less. I have attached an image of the event log and also, in case it is useful, a shot of the modem’s connection stats (after running for 3 days).

Does anyone know what the likely cause of these disconnects are?


Your report shows no cable connected. Try a different cable between the WAN and modem. Try your other WAN port on the Balance One.

Comcast is a problem for me with modem connections, not just with Peplink routers, and not just with specific brands of modems. I’ve had better luck changing the Peplink WAN connection speed from Auto to 1gb. Not sure thats your problem here because I’ve never had “no cable detected” as a repeated problem.



I think your idea of replacing changing cable may be the answer. After 16 hours… not disconnects but also the Uncorrected errors have gone to zero. see below. Hopefully this will correct the problem long term. Encouraged.

Thanks… George


I agree with fixing the WAN port negotiation speed to 1Gbps - full duplex. If possible, also do this on the Comcast router too.


We have also had issues with modems connected to Comcast, Arris/Motorola in particular. (There are several threads on this on this forum. The issue has been described many times.)

The solution suggested by @Don_Ferrario has often worked but sometimes not.

What modem are you using?



I think the peplink thinking the connection was lost may be due to Ethernet cable. Since replacing it 48 hours ago, I have not seen any more disconnects. Keeping fingers crossed.