Verizon XLTE

Verizon recently re-branded the use of their LTE Band 4 AWS spectrum as XLTE, and it is quite impressive. It is already deployed in most major markets and where I am at Iā€™m averaging 68 Mbps down by 12 Mbps up. This is on a Galaxy Note 3 confirmed operating on Band 4. :slight_smile: :up:

That is some crazy speed for a phone, Tim. How have the speeds been the last couple of weeks? Still impressive?

They have tapered off quite a bit, but I am still averaging 35 down by 7 up.

Too bad Iā€™m not in the Major Market area (at home). At work I pulled a 30 down /8 up on XLTE. Using a Droid Maxx.

I upgraded from a RAZR Maxx HD to the GN3, and I loved my Maxx! I could usually go 3 days in between charges with moderate use :eek:

The GN3 also has a strong battery and standby time is awesome, but if you start using that beautiful display non-stop the battery will drain fast!