Verizon won't sell plan for Max Transit Pro E

I have the Max Transit Pro E router. I tried to get a Verizon SIM card for it today as the location I am in has limited service for my other plans. Verizon’s website says the device is good. Verizon’s phone support says the device is good. Went to the Verizon store, and they could not sell me the SIM card because the plan would not set up. Called back to their online support, and the tech said the Peplink router was “barely better than 3G, and we are no longer supporting 3G on new plans” I’m running LTE-A on T-Mobile. How is this basically 3G? Anyone else run into this?

Matt: You have been misled by the person with whom you spoke on the telephone – the “tech.” Hugely frustrating and maddening – I know. My suggestion: Go to another store and if at all possible go to a company-owned store rather than a franchisee. What you saw on line and what you were first told – that the device is “good” – should control.

Order the sim card online. Avoid people screwing up what should be a straight forward

Unfortunately, i was at a company store. He had the sim card on the table. Could not check out and bill me, so no no sim. Called verizon back, and the tech on the phone said it was basically 3g device.

@Mattsand, I will confirm that TST Pro-E does work on a VZW postpaid business plan.

I just pulled a brand new one out of the box sitting next to me, SIM card was pulled directly out from a BR1 Pro 5G.

Do you have an alternate IMEI to use to activate the device potentially? Or maybe the plan you were trying to activate will not work with the Pro-E (what plan were you trying to activate?)

@Mattsand: @erickufrinand @Cable17 provided good information. The problem you are facing is one we deal with all too frequently. The cellular companies’ all too frequent response frustrates good customers and also devalues Peplink’s products. Sad.

Peplink has not made 3G-only products in a long time. And, yours is not one of them.

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No, I don’t have another device I could activate the plan with. I was trying to purchase the 50 G plan that Verizon offers to get me through the next couple weeks in my current location. I didn’t ask for anything specific. Just what device I have, and what I needed for data. Everything but the last step said I was good to go, but still no joy on getting the data plan.

I know that Mobile Must Have, where I purchased my hardware, offers a 300 G Verizon plan on their site right now, but I don’t want to spend that much right now as my other data plans have been sufficient up to now. I also understand that several people have had issue with Verizon when attempting to buy a plan for a Peplink device.

With VZW we have consistently had to activate new sims with just a generic IMEI from a nighthawk that they had in the back room. Ask them to start the line that way, and then immediately put the sim into the peplink and boot it up. It would work right away. The IMEI match tool that they use is broken (or overly restrictive)

They wouldn’t use their device to activate it. Wanted me to buy it.

Then try another store, the one by me had no problem doing it that way, twice. For AT&T I just used the imei of some old iphones I had sitting around.

@Paul_Mossip 's right. Sad. I’ll PM you information on a reliable reseller of Verizon (and other) data plans with whom we have had excellent results.

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