Verizon wont let me activate plans for BR2 Pro or BR1 Pro 5G

Verizon claim they are not supported. No plans are possible to choose when going through the BYOD activation process. Already activated SIM’s installed in BR2/BR1 Pro 5G’s cannot be modified to other plans either.

Why does Peplink claim certification and yet it still is impossible to just buy a plan with Verizon. Why? @Peplink

Anyone else struggle with getting new service on BR2 Pro and/or BR1 Pro 5G??

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This odd. We are running the Unlimited C-band plan in the BR1 Pro 5G. Have you spoken to your VZ reps about it? We have access to some pretty awesome plans that are not available to the public. We are a re-seller and could possibly help you out.

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I am a “prosumer”. I dont have a rep and would appreciate any help you can give me! @Jacob_Seay

The most frustrating part of this is that I already have a verizon sim in the BR2 Pro since last august. Before that it was in a BR1 Pro 5G. I am unable to modify the plan associated with that SIM. I am unable to create a new line of service for either modem in the BR2 Pro. And when I move the SIM into a BR1 Pro 5G no change, also cannot change the plan. Cant even get it to show me any plans when I try to make a new line using the BR1 Pro 5G IMEI.

SO MADDENING! When I try chatting with support they are trying to force me to buy a Jetpack.

When I plugin my BR2 IMEI (both) and the BR1 IMEI - the BYOD checker says “yes compatible” and the next screen shows no plans to pick from. I HATE VERIZON WITH A PASSION!

Cant change from current 50GB plan that is working perfectly in the BR2 Pro to 100GB. I want to give verizon more money and they wont let me!

I just shot you a PM.

There is something very odd with VZ’s tools. I had a BR1 Pro 5g with a consumer sim that VZ had added hardware insurance to (which of course wasn’t asked for). so when it was deleted, it dropped off the system, and needed Tier3 overrides to put the IMEI “back” in place… the VZ account owner took at least 4 weeks to get that cleared up. Once it was up to a L3 tech they handled it all of the way through, but had to manually override at every step of the way, and wouldn’t have accepted that it worked before except that their data did show that it was provisioned the week before…

Yes, the original SIM was provisioned as a “jetpack”. we just had them grab an IMEA off the back shelf.

I was able to work around the problem on my own.

In incontrol I grabbed an IMEI from an older Max BR1 MK2 deployed at my folks house.

Fortunately I also had a spare VZ SIM card to tie the new line to.

I activated a new line using the MK2 IMEI with the 100GB plan. Then after 45min of the modem trying to connect, it finally succeeded. I am now up an running. Instead of just being able to move from 50GB to 100GB I had to create a new line. Essentially following the same old “trick” of using a different IMEI. In past I have also used an IMEI I grabbed from a jetpack picture on ebay.

While I am up and running, I now am “stuck” on the 100GB plan unless I move the SIM card out of the BR2 into something like a Max Transit. That is something I can do when I get home, but I am on a multiweek road trip and only have BR2 and BR1 5G devices with me. Not to mention I have added cost of 2 lines for 1 month instead of just a $20 delta between the 50 and 100GB plan.

I think this problem is ON PEPLINK. As the vendor they should be doing whatever is necessary to ensure their IMEI’s are PROPERLY registered - so their customers dont have to play tricks and games to get around verizon’s system. I blame verizon for a small portion of this, but I want/demand Peplink take ownership and fully resolve this now and moving forward.

BR1 Pro 5g and BR2 Pro 5G IMEI’s are NOT properly registered with verzion. “certified” is a LIE!!!

I can’t get Verizon to provision my Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro 5G for 5G on my home Verizon account. They want to put that device on a Machine to Machine 5G Plan thats $50 a month for 5GB (or an $80 per month for 10GB) and $10 for every GB over. My current non-5G(LTE) Plan is 50 GB for $20 per month. Verizon Executive Resolution folks have been working this issue for a week to no avail. Anyone have a fix?

I think it is more complicated than that. Verizon is very picky about what category of service they allow for devices. I do not understand why.
But in effect, they have these devices set as business devices, not home devices. Why should they care? I do not know, but they do.
FYI - we have a true unlimited 5G plan available that we use for our customers. we can set you upon one of those if you cannot buy one directly from Verizon. For 100M speeds, unlimited usage they are $99. we also have a 200m speed plan (like you EVER get that maximum) at higher cost.
Normally we are bundling these with other services, so we may or may not be competitive, and if you CAN buy a similar plan direct form Verizon, you should do so.

I have the same issue. Just received a new MAX BR2 PRO
Verizon is my primary/preferred carrier.
Countless hours spent on chat/representative conversations resulting in the conclusions that plans for this IMEI(s) are only offered in their Business accounts.
Business accounts with Verizon require a Federal tax id from a company - which I dont have and was not listed as a requirement on this device at purchase.
Work arounds suggested to setup a Jetpack SIM on the personal account would not work as the internal IMEI check would fail - and changing the associated IMEI from the Jetpack to the BR2 would cause the Jetpack plan to fail.
Thinking of returning this well designed and engineered device due to the lack of provisioning for personal use.
Hoping someone has found a solution using a non-business account / line.

this is an enterprise device, makes sense it needs a business plan

you can usually use your SSN as FEIN, or get a free FEIN

there are plenty of other options/work arounds with VZW, resellers, and other carriers

I was able to get this resolved and activated by Verizon.
Process steps of note:

  • Need to go through their Verizon for Business portal (online or representative directly, no chat)
    • If you already have a Business account - enablement is straight forward using the IMEI
  • Setting up a Business account generally requires an EIN/FEIN, but they can setup the account against your personal credit - ask them to try that first.
    • Free EIN through (sole proprietorship or other) is not adequate. The business also needs to be registered with a State to be used in their system. Again, if you have this already, enablement is straightforward.
    • Verizon has an online method for running credit against your personal SSN. With that completed, they will setup a Business account that can enable this device.
      • All plans are 300G/mo. - at varying throughput (10mb/s, 25mb/s, 50mb/s) at different monthly rates.

Hope this helps anyone looking to enable a MAX BR2 PRO (considered an enterprise device) on Verizon Cellular Network.

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i have never seen a cell company check state records for business…

also there should be several other plan options, that throughput plan is just one type of business plan.

@mystery : Well, this one does. Weird, huh? When we opened a business account a few years ago the biz rep told my assistant that VZW requires them to acquire the first 3-4 pages of our incorporation docs on file with our state’s Secretary of State. He even showed him a copy of it. It was not a problem – just more VZW jack-around. (We have a VZW test SIM but refuse to use their service.)

Thanks. I spent 4 hours with Verizon trying to activate this on my personal unlimited account. Not happening. Called Business and they took the IMEI and stated, “not compatible device”. I said that others had it activated and the rep said he was willing to try and the plans were as you stated. So here is the catch…why would we buy a $1,000 cellular router, 5G capable and accept speeds of 10/30/50? Seriously this is on Peplink. It is a gross misrepresentation of “Verizon Compatibility”.

I think you’re going to need to work with your Peplink reseller. I can get SIMs from my reseller (monthly) that are well above 50MB/s and unlimited data through him via VZW, T-Mob, or AT&T, but even with my Verizon business account and SIMs, I can not use 5G on my Peplinks. I’m stuck with 4G on my company’s biz account/SIMs .

who is your reseller?