Verizon Wireless backup with Balance One

Setting up another remote site. I already have a Balance One ready to go. I want to use Verizon Wireless for backup WAN. The cellular connection will be kept alive but outbound rules will push away from cellular unless thats the only thing available. We will use PepVPN and leave the cellular connection as backup. Hopefully it will never be used!

What is the best way to add cellular WAN to the Balance One? I’ve seen discussion here about adding USB modems with poor results. Any recommendations on a specific device that Verizon accepts?

As far as I can tell the Balance One cannot do wifi as WAN to a cell phone hot spot, correct?

You can connect a BR1 to the WAN port of Balance One or using USB modem.

Balance One supports wired WAN and USB WAN only.

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Hi Don. The slickest solution we’ve found is to do exactly as @TK_Liew suggested … Just hang a BR1 off of one of the ethernet WAN ports of the B1. Then, on the BR1 set it for “IP Passthrough” and on the B1 establish an “enforced” outbound policy to direct any traffic destined for the BR1 UI to the WAN port to which the BR1 is connected. This will allow you to fully manage the BR1 from your network and avoid double-NATing.

We have found this to be a bullet-proof solution and avoids various third-party stuff which may or may not work and is often very temperamental.

Now, having said that, we have a number of B1s out there which use USB 4G modems. That’d not be our preferred solution, however. We use these mostly with TMO for M2M communications with SIMs that cost around $4/month.