Verizon will not accept BR1 Max Pro 5G as a Hotspot Device

I’ve been back and forth with Verizon trying to get a Prepaid, then a Postpaid data only hotspot line for my router. Went to both the Store and Online to try to set up account, both time everything was fine until I sent them my IMEI. Verizon is stating it won’t accept my modem for both prepaid and postpaid; and then of course tried to upsell their own horrible hotspot as the only option. I digress!

I have seen both on youtube and possibly in this forum that their BR1 Max Pro works on Verizon. Does anyone know what the right approach is with Verizon to set-up a data only hotspot account?


You need to purchase a 5G business plan. The only one I am aware of being offered is 100x10. Our Verizon rep indicates 200x20 is in the works to be launched in September. The APN you will need to use is V5GA01INTERNET.

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The attached link is from Verizon’s list of products certified for use on their networks.

I would find a Verizon corporate store & get them to try & help you. The BR1 Max Pro is clearly identified in Verizon’s list of devices certified for use on their networks. If the sales person can’t help you, I would ask to talk to the manager & have them look at their own website.
It’s been my experience you will need a ‘data only plan’ for your Peplink device.
With all that said, my experience with activating new Verizon products has been so so. Some models go smoothly & some don’t. I have found if you have an activated SIM on the Verizon account in a Peplink device & place it in the new device, it will typically work with the new device. You may get them to activate the SIM with one of their ‘data only’ hot spots & then place it in your device. If possible, take the device with you to the store to make sure it works prior to leaving.
I have 4 Verizon ‘data only’ SIMs spread across 3 different device types (one is a Sierra Wireless) & any SIM will work with any device (adapters may be required).
I question if their sales people are really as ignorant as they appear to be, or, they assume their customers are just stupid enough to know they are misrepresenting their offerings.
I know this sounds like a lot of effort, but you have a significant amount of money tied up in a product you can’t use.
These are the data only plans available from Verizon. Couple of caveats:

  1. I use Verizon as by cellular phone provider.
  2. These prices reflect Military discount (veteran qualify).
  3. These prices are offered for non business accounts.

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Interesting. All these plans have data caps. The Business Plans I was referring to are not capped and suitable for primary internet service. Pricing is definitely going to be higher.

I went back to Verizon and convinced the Rep to use the IMEI of one of their Jetpack devices in the store to register and activate the SIM. Took the SIM Card home and popped it into the Peplink modem and it worked. I’ve concluded that T-Mobile and AT&T performs alot better than the Verizon.