Verizon usb 730l and surf on the go


I have a Verizon usb 730l that will not connect to surf on the go. Running latest firmware 1.0.30 and 1022 drivers. Modem is static ip but have placed the APN info in cellular info. Any help would be most appreciated. I have a ticket #786273 but no one has contacted me.

Upgrading Modem Support Package

Hello flyboy150m,

I’ve responded to your ticket with a firmware that should allow the 730L to connect with the SOTG. For anyone else who is running into this issue, you can download the firmware here.



Still no internet


its on now thanks.


Still having trouble with connectivity issues. Will not be consistent in connection with USB air card. Any suggestions?



Would you able to explain further for the mention issue “Will not be consistent in connection with USB air card” ?


I have used the latest firmware and it worked for a bit but now will no longer connect. Any suggestions?


Updated device with firmware provided and this solved issue for a short while. After using device online for some time ( month ) I shut off device and restarted but this time I have not internet access. Have restarted pepwave several times with no success.



This is very weird. The USB is working fine for about a month and just having problem after reboot. Support team will contact you again via the previous created ticket [786273].