Verizon U620L and Surf SOHO

Anyone know if the new Verizon Novatel USB modem U620L will work with the Surf SOHO?



It is currently not on our support list however if you follow the instructions on the bottom of the below link our engineering team should be able to create a special firmware for you.

Hi Team,

I know Engineering has begun work to support the modem from a separate case. Stay tuned!

Hi Phil,

Novatel U620L is supported on the custom firmware 6.2.1s064.


Is there a firmware for Balance20 that will support the U620L? I’ve put in a support request but have not heard back yet.


Engineering team will feedback on this. Please check your ticket.

Thank you.

Can you create a firmware for the Surf on the Go and the Verizon U620L. I just purchased several SOTG to use in our ambulances.


For your Balance 20 please upgrade it with the firmware 6.2.2s016.


Jordan can you provide a firmware for the Surf On the Go using a Verizon Novatel U620L usb modem


Please create a support ticket for supporting Verizon U620L modem on Surf OTG.


I am getting “Invalid Firmware Image” when I tried updating to this firmware.

I have a SOHO and also need a firmware update for the U620L. Can you please help! I need to get this going so I can get my wife’s IP phone working.

That is an old firmware build, please use this one instead:

I get a firmware corrupted for both the 1791 and 1800 builds of the firmware listed on this thread. Can someone point out a valid firmware d/l so I can get this working?

Hi John,

We have released firmware 6.3.0GA recently, you may download this version of firmware for Surf SOHO at here.

Thanks and regards.

Tried the d/l with both Chrome and IE 11 and get an “page not found” screen immediately after clicking on the upload button. This is the same for all three updates. When I refresh the page I get the invalid or corrupted message.


Appreciate if you could send us a screenshot of the exact error message that you are getting.

You may just want to send us a diagnostic report to us via our ticketing system so we can take a closer look:

I opened ticket #75840. The tech suggested I d/l this firmware:

It installed and the modem works as expected. Thanks!