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Pepwave Max BR1 Classic. Verizon used to work great. Several months ago it slowed to a crawl. AT&T still works great. Spent hours with Verizon and they finally said to go get a new sim card. No help. Very little use since it’s not been useable and they say no throttleing happening. I’m about to give up on it but I hate to give up my grandfathered unlimited plan. Any suggestions would be helpful. Bought it over a year ago from 5G store and they have no ideas either. Specific settings anybody is using for Verizon?

What signal measurements are you getting on Verizon? What antennas are you using?

Have tried MobileMark 2xCellual mount, Mimo window mount, and built in antennas, all with exactly same results. Signal measurements, I know you’re not asking about bars (3-4), RSSI:-87dBm, Ec/Io: -4.0dB. Is that what you’re asking?

Also, it won’t connect if I select LTE only. Obtaining IP address message that never stops.

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We now have AT&T and Verizon. Both modem are next to the signal booster (see profile pic). They are getting great signals. The AT&T modem is working great, average down and up is, 28 down/6 up.
The Verizon modem is worthless, average down and up is, 3 down/0 up. This started about 5 months ago with Verizon.
We tried a second modem of same make, and still the same problem. They did nothing but offer to cancel contract on modem. They also of course blame the problem on my location. Both modems right now have a signal of -80 with a snr of 10. Why the Verizon modem is so slow is beyond me.

Exact same problem here! Verizon finally told me yesterday that my Peplink Max BR1 is not a supported device. Well, it worked great until several months ago, and 5G store says it absolutely should work with Verizon.

What these readings signify is that your device is connecting with 3G (not LTE/4G). That could be local coverage issues, or (as the Verizon person you spoke with indicates) that your particular plan does not allow a connected device onto the LTE network.

If the person you spoke with is not in tech support then I’d recommend trying again - Verizon is not easy to deal with in my experience, but their tech support has in our past always been able to get at the issue and correct it (if the issue was a matter of IMEI categorization).

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PS: There is always Visible - they are far less restrictive w.r.t. what equipment can connect to the Verizon network. They do suffer from other challenges, as noted elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll try Verizon tech support again. My head was about to explode after talking to them the other day. They sure didn’t seem to pick kup on the 3G only thing, thanks for confirming that.

Visible web site says based on the Imei that my Pepwave BR1 is not a compatible device.


My signal readings are 4G LTE.

I went the whole 9 yards with Verizon. That’s why they offered to cancel the contract on the jetpack modem.
I tried everything with them to resolve the issue. I believe it’s the jetpack modem itself. It had a firmware update back in May. That’s when it seem to go downhill from there.