Verizon - Data Roaming

Is it possible to make the Verizon Data Roaming Button work in the new beta? It is still not working for my device (BR1).

I love the fact you added
RSSI: -56dBm RSRP: -85dBm

Is there a way to add SNR?

How often do the signal strength values refresh? Would it be difficult to add a refresh button? I only ask is because when setting up the router with an antenna it would be nice for it to give real time values vs. delayed.

I am really enjoying the new firmware.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the kind words and apologies for the late follow-up. In regards to the information posted let me go ahead and ask our engineering team directly so we can get a answer for you.


Currently, SNR info is not included on our LTE. They will be adding this back on future firmware.

The signal strength values on Connection Details page is static. It is updated only if you close the page and re-open it.
We will implement a new page for real time signal strength value query. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the updates.

Will the data roaming be fixed soon?

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