Verizon connection creeping

Verizon connects but is extremely slow. Typically max of 2-5 down and 1 up. Max Transit Duo cat 12. Sim is for a phone on a business account. Firmware is 8.0.2.

I connect with my iPad (Verizon account) or another phone (also Verizon) and get 15 down and 5 up. That is pretty typical where I’m located just now. Very rural.

Why would it be that much slower via the Duo than the phone or iPad?
Are there some settings I need to look at? It’s a new device and everything is at stock settings.

Newbie here so be gentle! :grinning:

What bands is it connecting to? In my area VZW on B13 is super slow, but if I disable that it gets onto B4 and is way faster.

It’s 13. I’ll try disabling. Thanks for the idea.

I dont think its any surprise that the cellular providers deprioritize bandwidth. I am curious if they deprioritize when a SIM is in a data only device. I am willing to bet that they do.

Turns out that 13 is the only one I can receive. The tower is across a mountain from me so only the lower frequency makes it. Still does not explain why the Duo is so much lower speeds than my other devices.

Interesting, yeah. Do you have an external antenna as part of your setup?


What did Verizon say when you called them?