Verizon compatibility with Pepwave MAX Transit Duo w/ Cat 12 LTE

I was told that the Pepwave MAX Transit Duo w/ Cat 12 LTE is computable with Verizon, however, I had an M to M account set up and the SIMS were installed and received message that the SIMS were locked. Then I was told by Verizon that the IMEIs are not compatible with my device.

I noticed other people in this forum mentioned the same issue. Do I need to get cards from a different carrier or is there a way to get my cards to work?

It would be great to know which CAT devices have issue and which don’t. I only heard CAT 18 was an issue on several carriers.

Hi. I’d suggest the first step in this would be a conversation with Verizon – escalating the issue to the degree necessary beyond tier 1 tech support.

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Rick, With all due respect… Verizon certification of the CAT 18 has been an ongoing issue for months. All one has to do is search on this forum to see the issues various users have activating this device with Verizon.
I would ask the following questions:

  1. Has Verizon certified the Max Transit CAT 18 for use on it’s network?
  2. If not, when is it expected to be certified?
    With regards to your point of escalating the issue beyond tier 1 tech support. It would have been most beneficial to have provided the phone number to tier 2 support (800 256-4686).
    If the unit is not yet certified by Verizon, what’s going to happen when they are provided with the IMEI of the CAT 18? I can only share my experience when I went down this path. That IMEI # is not on Verizon’s list.
    Perhaps this answer is to use the IMEI # for a Peplink Balance 30 Pro or a Sierra Wireless Airprime MC7455. Do you have another alternative?
    The CAT 18 is a fantastic unit, I have two of them. They will work on the Verizon network, but, I have days invested in figuring out how to activate them.
    I think I understand why you responded as you did. I suspect there is a great deal of frustration surrounding Verizon’s apparent reluctance to certify this device directed towards Peplink incorrectly. However, I believe Peplink would be better served by being forthright with regards to the status of the certification with Verizon as opposed to telling the user to go to tier 2 support to escalate the issue.
    I would appreciate your thoughts, as well as the thoughts of others, regarding this post.
    Thank you.

@Ivy, the CAT12 MAX Transit is certified on Verizon. It is possible that the IMEI’s were not properly loaded into their system and that is why they are not showing up.

I would check with the partner you purchase through or start a support ticket with Peplink so they can check it.

Hi. We are Partners and do not work for Peplink. Therefore, I cannot answer most of your questions, as reasonable as they may be. I provided the best response to the question @Ivy asked that’s consistent with our experience. Sorry if it offended you. And – huge apologies for not providing the VZE Tier 2 tech support number. I guess I don’t know what else to say.

Thank you for the editing of my post! Damn autocorrect.

Thank you. The IMEI numbers are, in fact, correct.