Verizon compatibility with Pepwave MAX Transit Duo w/ Cat 12 LTE & CAT 18

I assumed you were Peplink. It is I that owe you an apology for an erroneous assumption.
As a partner, I appreciate that you believe my questions were reasonable. What I have some difficulty with is; the lack of a response by this question, as well as one several days ago as a follow-up to a post that dates back to 9/3.
The real intent of the post was to solicit a response from Peplink on the status of the certification. Makes no sense to me to go ask my partner, as they are in the same boat you are.They don’t know, or if they do know, they can’t disclose it.
The issue is not will it work, it will. The issue is the status of the certification with Verizon so one doesn’t have to jump through hoops & consume hours on the phone to obtain/activate a SIM.
Thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

Hi. I’ll send you a PM.

I have tried everything I was told to do…My Verizon cards are still “Locked”. My Verizon rep told me the cards should not be locked on their end and we have tried multiple PINs to fix the problem, to no avail. I am grateful for assistance from the 5G store, but we still have been unable to rectify the issue. Should I try AT&T SIM cards (which is what I originally had) instead of Verizon?

I feel your pain but I don’t know what to advise you further. This definitely smells like a Verizon issue – not hardware at all. I guess I’d pursue the issue with them, escalating the issue as necessary. As to whether you should return to AT&T, I think it best if I leave that question alone. Personally, I’d fight to make what I paid for work. (I know – easy for me to say …)

if you have a legit compatible plan, write Verizon’s executive office an email. File a FCC complaint. There are ways to get their attention and action.

Thanks for your advice

My Verizon rep is still working on trying to resolve the issue. Thanks!

Some suggestions/questions on what might help to isolate the ‘real’ issue. I can only see that you said you tried a bunch of ‘stuff’. Not what you actually tried.
Are you talking to Verizon 2nd level support? See # previously posted in this string. Tier 1 can get confused.
Have they (Verizon) reset the existing card?
Did you set the pin on the card or did Verizon set it?
Have you asked them (Verizon) to send you a new SIM card? If the problems persists with a new card, that might suggest a HW issue.
I would support Rick’s position, this is a Verizon issue.
Good luck.

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Its widely known that the CAT 18 devices are having issues.

Tier 2 still isn’t good enough, I would ask for Tier 3 or file an escalation with executive team

I am very curious if any non CAT-18 devices are issues on any carriers?

Is there any re-cap which CAT devices have which types of modems?

Thank you! Supposedly a pin was not set by Verizon and I did not set one either. But I will ask about resetting the existing cards to start.

This is posted in the context of issues with the MAX Transit CAT - 18 & Verizon SIM activation in that unit. It may or nay not be applicable to others in that product line.

I’ve had my Max Transit CAT 18 since May. Aside from SIM activation issues with Verizon (somewhat expected), I have experienced no issues. If there are other issues, as the owner of two of these devices, I would be most interested in knowing about them. Please elaborate.

As a point of reference. When I purchased the device in May, I knew is was not certified for use by Verizon. To my knowledge, the device is still not certified by use for by Verizon. Despite more than a few posts by myself asking for an update on the status of certification for this model, Peplink remains silent. SHAME ON YOU PEPLINK!

My point in suggesting escalation to 2nd level support was more so to get to some one with a little more knowledge, as opposed to those whose knowledge is limited almost entirely to cell phones.

Escalation for the sake of escalation to get to a higher authority to activate a device which is not certified for use on a network does not seen like a winning strategy to me. I would submit one needs an alternate strategy to get the device to work.

In the current Peplink marketing structure, Peplink has been very clever in passing off initial support to their partners. They are in effect Peplink’s 1st level support. Unfortunately, these folks have to deal with all sorts of people with diverse levels of knowledge. Could they (the Peplink partners) do something to be a little more proactive in assisting their customers? I would hope so, but, the end user has some responsibility to be realistic about his/her ability to set up & use one of these devices. The diversity of knowledge associated with the Peplink product line within this forum is glaring.

As an aside, if I were Ivy, I would be having some real serious conversations with the outfit where he purchased the device to get their assistance. On the surface it would appear the seller has abandoned him.

Again, these are my opinions & carry as much validity to them as you care to give them.

I have not seen a definitive list on which Peplink products have which manufacturer’s cellular modem/router installed in them. I have seen on this forum specific information regarding certain models when someone asks for that information.

The attached was received from Cassy Mak [email protected] in response to a question I posed for the RV Webinar scheduled for tomorrow, 10/28/2020.

*MAX Transit CAT 18 (MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM) has already certified at Verizon. *
*I will create a forum post on the Peplink community for Verizon certification status. *

Thank you,

The above is is a copy & paste from his response.
For what it’s worth, I activated a new line on my grandfathered 30 GB data only play. Today I set up the CAT-18 device with no issues & Verizon identified it as a CAT-18 device on my billing summary…
Unfortunately, the data plan I haves is no longer available as an offering. In reviewing their current data plan offerings (consumer plans), I find their current data only plan offerings way overpriced.