Verizon business data plan regularly disconnection

I have the Verizon business data plan at 10Mb speed 300 Gb a month with the cat 18 pep wave. I live in a RV and move frequently and the disconnection issue has persisted in many populated cites on east coast and south Louisiana. I have replaced the sim card with no success. In the alternate slot I have a ATT card 100Gb prepaid that works fantastic, and I have swapped the cards into different slots as well with no success. I have factory reset my pepwave with no success. Can anyone advise another issue I might have overlooked?

(notice the events between 8:27 and 9:57. At 9:57 I have no internet but on the dashboard screen its show Verizon is connected with full bars. )

what does the log show? have you done a capture and logged a ticket with peplink? when you say disconnect does that mean you lose complete signal/connection or you just have issue loading a web page? what is your antenna setup?

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The log shows no disconnect. It does show I have a connection even with no internet connection. I have to reboot or switch to a diffrent card. Antenna is 4x cellular mimo.

Seeing similar behavior with a Verizon SIM on an HD1 Dome. Did you ever resolve it?

Since AT&T works well and Verizon does not, it suggests that it is a carrier issue, either with the plan (being deprioritized for some reason), with local congestion (too many VZW folks connecting to “your” tower) or with the way the tower connects (e.g., connecting via a low-capacity LTE Band).

FWIW: Though Verizon is generally wonderful w.r.t. breadth of coverage, they suffer from remarkable holes where a connection may seem good but the actual transfer rates are horrible. Case in point, my office is in the middle of Silicon Valley and yet I cannot rely on Verizon to serve me well as cellular data carrier here (TMO, on the other hand :slight_smile: ).

The one thing that comes to mind is to experiment with the LTE Bands that your modem offers to the tower. For starters, turn off B13, many have reported it to be of low quality in many locations.

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I manage about 120 Max Br1 units all over california. I see verizon lte band 13 issues literally EVERY day all over the state. I have noticed that some of my pepwaves have the ability to disable band 13 (and i do in areas that it isnt working well) but many of them do not have that ability and I am not sure what the difference is. for example I am working on a Pepwave MAX BR1 LTE running latest firmware and on the verizon bands lte band 13 doesnt even show up as an “un-selectable” band when I click on custom… so I reboot it… every… single… day

Before going further: For the units in question, even though B13 does not show up as selectable, the connection actually shows as having been selected (and used)?

A quick look at an old(er) Br1 CAT-4 shows different bands depending on which network mode is selected.

For the unit I looked at (FW 8.2.0 build 5167), the custom band selection for Verizon shows only 4 and 13, for Auto it shows 2, 4, 5 and 17 (and not 13) and for generic even more than for auto:




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I have a similar issue. Verizon disconnects but att is solid.

I will try disabling band 13

Ok, after 2 days, I can confirm that disabling band 13, Improves connectiv ( at least for me in a campground in grandby, CO