Verizon 8800L compatibility with the Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 Router

I am new here… And was wondering if the Peplink SUS-SOHO-T Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 Router is compatible with Verizons new 8800L Jetpack? I live in a remote area and am trying to get off satellite internet and use Verizons new unlimited data pre paid plan via the 8800L and then tethered to the SoHo Mk3 via USB cable… At the moment I am using a Netgear WiFi extender EX6100v2 to grab the WiFi from the 8800L and convert it to a ethernet cable and then route it to my various devices and cabins… I have gone to Peplinks site of compatible devices and I don’t see the new 8800L there? Any advice?
Thanks again…

I have similar situation that might help answer your question. My hotspot is the Verizon Jetpack 6620L, which I use as a USB WAN source plugged into my Surf SOHO MK3. It works reasonably well, though the 6620L is old and slow. Do not be tempted if that thought crosses your mind.

I theorize that the Jetpack 8800L will work similarly on the USB WAN and should work as a WiFi WAN too. If I get my own 8800L, I will try to update this thread with my findings.


Just to add my 2 cents.

I have the Netgear AC791L hotspot with Verizon. I had been tethered to soho mk3 for awhile, worked pretty good. I noticed that the AC791L is 2.0 usb, and so is the soho mk3. So I connected the soho mk3 to AC791L via WiFi wan. I tested both ways, and I get better results from the WiFi wan over tethered wan.


When I was a kid my mother cautioned me about “answering questions not asked.” Well, I hope you’re not offended if I violate that rule. :smirk: Here’s what I’d do: The SOHO is an excellent product (and we have several in use), but I’d first take a look at a dedicated, “non-cobbled-up” solution – When one takes such an approach there are fewer devices to “talk” to each other and fail. And, less “clunky.” More importantly, the Pepwave devices such as you see on the referenced data sheet are made to do cellular – external antenna jacks (you’ll see far better coverage/range/speeds), and you’ll have vastly more “control” over how the 4G “behaves.” They can also hold one or more SIMs. Just take the SIM and stick it into the Pepwave box and place the Jetpack on a shelf somewhere. If I could not place a satisfactorily-working 4G dongle directly into the USB port of a SOHO I’d opt for a BR1 every time.

(I hope my mom is not mad at me for saying all of this … :slightly_smiling_face:)


Hi all… So I have it working… A VZW 8880L connected to the Peplink SoHo via the usb cable then it runs to both my house and my workshop via ethernet cables out of the Peplink… all is working fine… here is my next hurdle or problem to solve… I have apple laptop computers and used to use a software ap called “screens 4” & “screens connect” it allows my to do “screen sharing” of my apple computer remotely when I am not home… and usually I can set up the router with UPnP and it works… sometimes I have had to configure port forwarding on a router… but I am unable to make it work with the 8880L going into the Peplink? any thoughts or suggestions? I am able to configure it so it works through the wifi of the 8880L but not after I go through the Peplink?

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You may have to do port forwarding on the 8800L. It should be able to do port forwarding.Look in its settings.

Here ya go.

Where you able to get good speeds with the 8800L connected via the USB cable? I go from 97Mbps download to 18Mbps when tethering.