Verizion and MAX BRI mini LTEA

I currently use my Max BR mini LTEA on Cricket, and I wanted to try Verizon. When I try to activate by first checking the IMEI,Verizon say it is not compatible, and will not register the SIM card.
Isn’t the MAX BRI mini LTEA certified for Verizon?

Yes it is certified on Verizon but they will not activate the IMEI on a pre-paid data plan because the router is considered a data-only device. This is also why it doesn’t show up using the IMEI checker.

You will need to activate it on a post-paid data plan or your other option is to activate the SIM on a phone or hotspot and then move it over to the BR1.

Thanks, I’ll try to activate SIM card on a phone and then ,one over to MAX BR mini.