Vehicle Hotspot

I am trying to decide between the Surf On-The-Go and the SOHO routers and would like some feedback on the pros and cons of either model in my particular scenario

The router will be installed in a vehicle to offer WiFi Internet access. The goal is that the primary up-link connection would be to use known access points and the secondary would be to fail to LTE (USB Modem).

In the primary scenario, I would like to leverage known SSIDs, both private and public to provide Internet access. For example Comcast Xfinity is really prevalent in the area and with an account with Comcast, I want to be able to connect to the XFINITY SSID when in range and use that connection. My understanding is that the router will connect to the network, but will not log in, rather it acts as a pass-through so when I login to the re-broadcasted WiFi from the router, it will pass through the connection and I will have to authenticate as I normally would. If this is correct, would this re-authentication process occur at each XFINITY AP or will the first logon be cached and all subsequent logons be direct without the need to authenticate again?

Is there a hard limit to how many known SSID you can add to either router that it will attempt to connect to before failing toward the secondary scenario?

Thanks in advance for any feedback and guidance.

This depends on how they have their authentication set up. Keep in mind that the MAC address of the Surf unit will be the one that gets authenticated, not the devices connected to the Surf. Once the Surf unit is authenticated then all of the devices connecting to the Surf will go right out to the internet.

I believe you can have up to 20-30 saved profiles on either unit. Thanks.