VDSL Flexmodule?

Spotted in the Release notes for the 8.1.1 firmware

[RC 1] [20X / 380X / 580X] Added support for FlexModule Mini VDSL.

This is interesting, as it would in theory let me get rid of the USB nic i’m using for the 2nd broadband on my 20x and also lose on of the external modems.



Suppose the FlexModule Mini VDSL is like the Cellular expansion module that slot into the B20X for the VDSL connection via the RJ11.

You can contact Peplink local partner for the SKU purchase info.

I did, they said they didn’t have any info at the time I asked.


This is a pre launching new FlexModule Mini VDSL. Some of the partner may not have the info yet. We will contact you via private message.

You are also welcome to join the firmware 8.1.1 Webinar for more information.


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