Understood. We have partners on GSA Contract and can provide you different service level options that you may require. You can cover that in the call. Thanks.


Thanks…what is the number that will work 24hrs?

///We need a company that responds with immediate support…not forum. We will try cradle-point…while we wait for your interest… Thank you though. If your team re-evaluates this as an important issue, please have them call me at 254-247-3653 (FT Hood)…from a number that they can be reached at after 5…i will call them back…just provide a name and number. It must be within 24 hrs though…Thanks.

This is not a Peplink issue but we are happy to help you troubleshoot your PC/network issue during normal business hours. Please be prepared to initiate a or Teamviewer session, as we will need access to your PC to troubleshoot and diagnose your issue. Thanks.


I dont understand your question. This is a basic network problem that anyone with basic knowledge on network topology can solve.

The peplink address is and your are logging to, so basically your browser is showing the Gui of another device, not peplink gui.

The solution is simple. Go to instead of and then you should see the peplink logging page.


I’m a VMWare Systems Architect and this thread has me cracking up. I think that our servicemen and servicewomen deserve more qualified support than a gwill at “call 4 IT advice”.

It pains me to watch this train wreck of an interaction only because tax payers are footing the bill for someone who doesn’t understand even the most basic of trouble shooting skills.

What ultimately happened is GWil just connected to a system that had the vCenter Converter Agent. He had to subtract 9 from 10 to get the right management iP for the Peplink. :wink:

Also, I am 100% certain that GWil’s system also happens to be on the same network as so disabling every other interface would make no difference as you need no routing to connect to 192.168.1.TEN

I’m expecting my Balance One in a few days but had to browse the forums first to get an idea of the support level and community and so far looks pretty good. I’d say Peplink has been remarkably patient with an arrogant tool who uses way too many dots.

I don’t think connecting to 192…168…0…1 would work either to get to the management interface???

However on a serious note, from what I know from my research of Peplink - the end user should be a bit more savvy than the Best Buy walk in customer. I’d change the default management IP and DHCP to something that doesn’t cross into the typical home user network. or something like that.