I just purchased a Peplink 20. Web-interface appears to be Vcenter not as stated in the downloaded manual. Modifications and troubleshooting are not possible without a logon/password (specific to the vCenter).

Troubleshooting thus far:
1- Reset to Factory Unsuccessful
2- TFTP Unsuccessful

Need advice/recommendations on how to get this brick usable as intended. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Are you referring to VMWare vCenter? Can you attach the screenshot on this?

Please connect your laptop directly to Balance 20 LAN port. Are you able to go into Web Admin page (Balance 20 default LAN IP is

Correct. I will see if I can get a screen shot. So are you familiar with why this would be on a Peplink 20?

I would attempt a factory reset of the device by holding the pin reset button (located near the status light) in for 10-15 seconds with the unit powered to see if this corrects the issue. If unsuccessful then I would lean towards this being a HW/SW issue. If you can send a screenshot, that would be useful as well.

Yup…I agree. Look at the attached screen shot…pay attention to the IP and initial screen GUI of course. Let me know how to proceed. Remember…my initial post. Standing by…thank you.

I’ve never seen or heard of this before. Can you try a different PC and access
Is your PC getting a DHCP address from the Peplink?

I disabled every real, virtual and wireless adapter except the LAN. Only one computer/laptop.

Please clear your cookies and browser history and also try a different browser and PC. There is no such embedded page in our device…

From the screen shot, you’re accessing, this is NOT the Balance’s IP. The default Balance’s IP is, please double check.

There is absolutely no such vCenter materials of any kind in our software.

That is my point…I do not understand how this is possible.

Here is what I need…a bin file to tftp to to correct every boot to the “norm”. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, this all sounds incomprehensible to us.

Have you ever installed vCenter in your PC or any computer on your network?

Please get another computer if possible and start from scratch.

crud. So I have a brick. Is there no way to do what I ask?

We want to help but the situation is completely not understandable. Your suggestion (tftp thing) is not a solution to the problem because we haven’t determined what the problem really is. You may want to seek your local IT resources for more diagnostics to the network issues you are seeing. Thanks.

Please understand. I am test driving this device to determine the vendors suitability for a much larger purpose. If your company is not willing to support a single purchase, then I very much doubt it is willing to support an enterprise solution. I have only lost 250.00 of the tax payer dollars so far. Are you sure there is not a human being I can speak to (telephonically…that is?)

Is your company familiar with cradlepoint? and do you have a Con/ATO for the DoD?

We have multiple teammates trying to help you along the way in this thread, giving multiple suggestions for you to try. But you haven’t responded to most of our questions/suggestions, like trying another PC, or a different browser or whether you have installed vCenter before in your network. We cannot troubleshoot in this way without your co-operation.

In terms of technical support, we have earned customer prides consistently among the best in the industry. I’ll let the customers speak for us.

Amazon Reviews for Your Reference

I forgot to mention the number you can call to reach our support team is right at the front page, 866-463-0129, US business hours CDT. Please do call and discuss with us. It will be more efficient. Thanks.


I am sorry, but this is no longer a user level issue…nor do i have the time to go back and forth on a forum…but am willing to call a real human to fix. You need to elevate it, with an actual phone number. I will not recommend peplink as a solution to those i represent, or have influence with. The expectation is that peplink can support its product directly…not via forum. Is there a government representative in your company…and the Certificate of net worthiness (CoN) is crucial…? Let me know…please. Good product if it works. Thanks.

calling…09-6 pm…thanks…unfortunately… Not the required level of support as expected…especially for a first responder organization… …however…we do appreciate the effort. Thank you.