Variable for TAIP ID using router name

We’re working on testing the Max Transit Mini in our environment and I’m having an issue with bulk config. I’d like to be able to retain the TAIP vehicle ID even when pushing mass config changes. It’d also be really useful if I could put a variable in that field and have it pull the name of the router instead of having to log into each device and enter the ID at setup. Are either of these things possible?


You may configure the vehicle ID for each device in InControl2 as below:


Assume your master config with vehicle ID = 1234. When you push the master config via Bulk Configurator, master vehicle ID (1234) will be patched by the vehicle ID in “Note” field for each device. By using my given example, master vehicle ID (1234) will be patched by 7890.

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This is great! Are there other variables that are supported like this in the notes field?

Wow!! This is perfect. Yea, what other variables can I use in that field? That’s extremely useful!! Thanks so much!

I tried this and for some reason the Vehicle ID in the notes is not replacing that of the master config. Does it matter that I’m on 8.1.1 beta?

So far, this is the only supported variable.

@John_Broussard, I tested it is working fine. You may need to push the config via the Bulk Configurator again.

Okay interesting. I’ve set the vehicle ID in notes and reapplied the bulk config, and still nothing. Does it matter that I’m applying the bulk config based on tags? And does it actually update the vehicle ID in the GUI or is it only applying it in the background? I haven’t looked at our GPS server yet, as I assumed that if it was working properly that I would see the vehicle ID visibly change in the web admin console. That could be my problem haha.

Edit: checked out GPS/AVL server and it is indeed receiving the TAIP ID of the master config, and not that of the variable in notes.

Applying the bulk config based on tags is doesn’t matter. If the vehicle ID successfully pushed from InControl2, you should able to see it from the device at Advanced > GPS Forwarding > Vehicle ID.

Can I confirm this is the variable - “vehicle_id=7890” you put into the Note from InControl2? Sorry to inform that there is a typo error from my screenshot here. I updated the screenshot again.

If everything is correct, you may open ticket for us to take a look.

Yes, everything is configured correctly but still is not working. I have opened a ticket with support for further assistance.

Thank you so much for your help!!

Bumping this again, as our Peplink partner’s support team is unable to assist. They were completely unaware of the use of the “vehicle_ID” variable and advised me to use NMEA with the last 4 of the serial. This is not an option for us. Any other suggestions/advice/insights? This is the ONLY thing that needs to be unique about the entire config, so I’d really hate to break away from the convenience/standardization of a bulk config just for this one attribute.

@John_Broussard, I found your ticket and I will follow up with you there.