V6.1.0b17 build 2416 feedback


A couple of feedback notes for this build on my Balance 30.

  • Status –> Client List
    On this page in 5.4.9 it would always display correct MAC address/Name for all clients. I have some clients that are connected via remote wireless bridge. In the beta all clients behind the bridge assume the name/MAC of the bridge instead of being passed through.
  • Status –> Bandwidth
    If you click on a detail (ie, today) a list of IP addresses and corresponding usage pops up. In 5.4.9 if you hovered over an IP address, a tooltip would appear with “currently used by [name]”. This feature is gone.
  • Status –> Bandwidth –> Daily
    In 5.4.9 if you selected a WAN Connection with a Bandwidth Allowance, on the right under “Current Month” there would be an additional box with usage on the current cycle. This box is now missing.
  • Network –> LAN –> VLAN
    Great to see this new feature! I haven’t tested it yet, but I’m sure it will be great for other devices that automatically tag traffic (like my WAPs). Is it possible to have the switch add tagging? IE: The Balance 30 has a 4 port on board switch. I would like to have it tag port 2 as a specific VLAN.

Other than that, loving it so far!

Caleb Newville, Captain, CAP
Alaska Wing Director of Information Technology
United States Civil Air Patrol

Network –> LAN –> VLAN not on peplink 20, or my be I miss something?

sorry found was hidden

I have upgraded to build 2422. From my original post:

  • Item (1), none of my bridged clients are currently online, I’ll check again tomorrow during work hours.
  • Item (2), fixed.
  • Item (3), the VLAN tagging works as expected, great! Would still love to see port-based tagging.

Hi all, we’re listening. Thanks for your feedback. We would evaluate the possibility of per-port VLAN tagging. No promise can be made on that though for now. :slight_smile:

Reference item (1), this has been fixed in this build. Also, in my previous post I referenced item (3) as being VLAN from my original - the VLAN works great. But item (3), bandwidth allowance status is still missing in this build.

Does anyone have DHCP problems on LAN side on Pep Soho?

I have to reboot my every day to start issue IPs again.

sorry needed to open separate thread,
im seeing DHCP issues on Pepwave Surf SOHO 6.1.0 Public Beta 1 build 1375
DHCP problems on LAN side on Pep Soho

I have to reboot my every day to start issue IPs again.

Found a new bug in build 2422.

In Status –> Client List, none of the DHCP clients are displaying a “Name” after a few days. When the router was first online, it works fine, a few days after it stops displaying names. A reboot fixes the issue.