USSD Codes including # symbol no longer working

The USSD feature was broken on my Max BR1 with the 6.3.3 build 2252 firmware update (worked fine with firmware 6.3.1 build 2023). I used to be able to use USSD codes that were enclosed in hashtags (like #123#). These are required by my ISP to purchase credit, etc. However, under 6.3.3 when I try to use codes enclosed in hashtags I get the error message “invalid USSD code”. I have confirmed the problem was introduced in firmware 6.3.3 because I reverted to 6.3.1 and the codes surrounded by hashtags are working just fine again.

  1. Could you please correct this?

  2. Also, can you please tell me if hashtag symbol is working in USSD codes with version 7 firmware? I don’t want to upgrade my unit to v7 until I know this, since firmware downgrade to v6 won’t be possible.


Please try this firmware. It should be fixed.

TK_Liew, thank you. I will try that. Can you tell me if this problem is fixed in the current version 7 firmware as well?

Thank you.

Yes. Ensuring this is available in 7 + would be great for our clients as well, as removal of the SIMs for “top up” is burdensome and required frequently in certain cases.

The fixed should be available in future firmware release (v7.0.x). Do let me know whether this special firmware fixed your problem. Thanks.

Hi, TK_Liew,

Thanks for your response and help. Yes, this special firmware has resolved the issue for now.

This is the third time that hashtag support in USSD codes has been dropped from a new firmware release (including the fact that it is not working in current v.7 firmware). This creates unnecessary downtime and reverting back to older firmware to regain this ability.

Could you please add confirming that hashtags are permitted in USSD codes to your pre-release testing of firmware so that this does not reoccur? Those of us who use ISPs who require hashtags in USSD codes would sure appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Sure! product reliability is our top priority. we will ensure this will be tested!


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Hi, TK_Liew. Can you tell me if this bug with USSD codes and hashtags has been fixed? And if not, when we might see it? I’m holding off on 7 until I’m sure it’s resolved, as I can’t downgrade back to 6 if it’s not. Thanks!

We target to fix this on v7.0.1. We are working on this firmware now. Stay tuned!


Hi, TK_Liew. Can you give me an update on the status of this bug with USSD codes and hashtags. Is it still going to be included in v7.0.1 ? And do you have an idea of when it will be released ? Thanks!


Yes. the fixes included in v7.0.1. v7.0.1 is around the corner. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for the update!