Using WiFi Management

Attempting to utilize this feature of Incontrol2 I discovered that the AP channel settings get forced to Auto.
I use two APs in dense rouge AP environments where staying in channels that have been selected for best use by clients is important to consistent high quality usage.
As a workaround I have Edited the Auto channel settings on each AP to scan just that channel but thought there needed to be an InControl2 setting for channel options with APs.
If anyone has a better way to address this issue using InControl2 please share.

You can change individual AP’s channel setting under InControl2’s Group Level > Wi-Fi AP > Radio Settings.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help, and yes that did the trick.
Brad Currie

I would like to make a point or suggestion that IC2 is confusing in how it presents management choices for APs.
From the Dashboard page the WiFi AP control options are SSID and Radio settings where Radio settings can be set individually but SSID appear to be only group settings and do not report individual device SSID settings. Yet in the Device Details - Device Management page where you then adjust WiFi Config you cannot set radio settings.