Using the UBR LTE in public transportation


  • A company based in Asia.
  • Established for over 100 years.
  • Focus point being public transportation.
  • Serving an average of 200,000 passengers per day.


  • Currently they offer free Wi-Fi for guests, in 8 static locations only.
  • They wish to enhance their user experience by providing guest Wi-Fi for their fleet of 185.
  • To work in collaboration with a leading telecommunications provider for a solid solution.

Requested Solution

  • The customer requested the MAX BR1 MK2 to be implemented.
  • This industrial grade router features a durable metal enclosure which is certified for usage within transportation applications.
  • The built-in GPS functionality allows for fleet tracking, making this device perfect for providing additional usages.
  • The Terminal Block allows for secure power supply installation, which is especially useful in moving vehicles etc.
  • The MAX BR1 MK2 allows for customization of the Captive Portal so usage settings as well as marketing, can be configured.
  • Redundant SIM slots can provide SpeedFusion Hot Failover technology, enabling a seamless connection should one cellular drop out.
  • InControl 2 will be used to allow for remote monitoring/managing/configuring of the MAX BR1 MK2 devices, remotely.
  • EssentialCare (extended warranty) should be used to enable continuous usage of the InControl 2 management software + warranty coverage.

Our Solution

  • We would recommend deploying the UBR LTE within the fleet instead of the MAX BR1 MK2.
  • This dual cellular router is equipped with GPS by default which is useful for their fleet tracking requirements.
  • The DIN mounts and Molex power connectors allow the UBR to integrate seamlessly making a secure installation.
  • With the addition of PrimeCare, InControl 2 and SpeedFusion technologies will be available.

Devices Deployed