Using SpeedFusion Cloud With the 3 Tunnels. Default, FEC, WAN Smoothing.

Hi Everyone,

I am just attempting to utilize efficiently SpeedFusion Cloud.

Currently I have a MBX with 4 Cellular modules in use, connecting to a SpeedFusion Cloud Location.

Created 3 tunnels:

1 - Default (always created): current use will be for day to day browsing and downloads.
2 - WAN Smoothing: used for VOIP applications.
3 - FEC: used for Streaming.

As you can see in the picture, the Algorithm is VPN: SFC-MAD (2 WAN SMoothing), and the Destination is SpeedFusion Cloud SFC-MAD (1 - Default)

While attempting to use this rule, I saw no traffic flowing through tunnel 2. Everything went through the Default tunnel.

Streaming FEC, when activated, Netflix doesn’t connect. Attempted Priority and Enforced, but both seem to “block” Netflix connection.

I’ve gone through the config for a while and I can’t seem to understand why it’s blocking Netflix when I am forwarding it through FEC.

On the SpeedFusion Cloud, I normally use the Default tunnel to route any other traffic. But I found out that using the WAN smoothing tunnel gives me better bandwidth and latency.

SpeedFusion Default Tunnel 1:

SpeedFusion WAN SMoothing

Rules 1 and 2 are disabled as I am working on a live network.

Could anyone explain why this is happening?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Netflix being blocked is likely nothing to do with the type of tunnel you are using, it is more likely that the IP for the SFC hub you are existing to the internet from is blocked (this is to be honest expected, SFC is run inside of AWS, and AWS IP space will almost certainly be blocked by Netflix).

As for the other bits, are those rules in the expert section above your normal policy routing? It’s hard to tell as you have cropped the screenshot entirely.

HI Will, thank you for the answer.

Here is the screenshot uncropped:

Regarding the Netflix, if it works through the Default 1, surely it should work on the Tunnel 3?

The location is the same.

The Default rule sends your traffic through your cellular connections (with break-out IP addresses being whatever your cellular ISP provides) rather than the tunnels to the SFC servers. These are different from the break-out IP addresses that the SFC service provides (AWS, UpCloud or others), and are unlikely to be on Netflix’s proxy filter black-list.



HI Zegor,

Both Default tunnel 1 and tunnel 3 break in the same place (SFC Servers). Maybe you mean when you aren’t using SFC?