Using Sim Injector PEPXIM with 2 HD2 Domes and Balance 380

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I am trying to figure out the best way to use 1 PEPXIM SIM injector to connect two HD2 Dome antennas and Balance’s WAN port #2 and WAN Port #3. I’ll be using the Balance’s WAN Port 1 to another higher-speed ISP. I tried a couple of different setups, e.g., using two of the SIM Injector ports (1 for each Dome) and HD2 Domes allocated to a respective SIM in the SIM Injector. I used the remaining 2 ports from the SIM Injector to the WAN ports on the Balance 380. I can load and use the SIMs with each HD2 Dome separately, but they will stop accessing the SIMs when I connect to the Balance 380. I can connect all 3 WANs within the balance, but the HD2 Dome assigned WANs will stop loading (stop blinking) the SIMs in the SIM Injector.

I tried a different setup where the HD2 Domes are connected to the SIM injector and the Balance WAN ports, but no avail. Does anyone have a successful experience with two HD2 domes and a SIM injector? Is there another better way to use them and connect to the Balance 380? Let me know what you guys think.

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Hi @innovationsound

there is a customer who uses similar setup as yours just with HD1 Domes. The connectivity scheme could be like this

Domes require special firmware, additional config changes (interface access mode), also Injector FW should be the latest version.
We would like to avoid troubleshooting on forum, therefore I kindly ask to open a ticket
We will check your scenario and provide the assistance.


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I would like follow this question. What happened at the end ? Because my case is 2 HD1 Domes and Sim Injector configuration.

I see that Peplink Team mentioned “Domes require special firmware”. Could you tell me more about it please? Is there any video tutorial about it ?