Using Peplink VPN with Mobile Devices

With public unencrypted WiFi, is it possible to setup the Peplink Balance VPNs so that mobile smart devices can use them, especially when using public WiFi?

I recommend using L2TP, here is the link to our KB article with instructions:

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Is “Secret” in iOS the PreShared key?


Yes :slight_smile: you are right.

Secret is for the L2TP/IPSEC Preshared Key while Password field is for the User account password.

Thank You

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Is there an updated FAQ or KB article to explain how to do this? The link in this article is broken.

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Here you go.

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Thank you…I checked out that link but it left me with more questions.

I have the Surf SOHO MK3. The firmware is 7.0.3 build 1260.

I am not understanding the difference between the PepVPN configuration section and the Remote User Access section. Do I need to configure one or both?

My goal is to have a remote device (phone and laptop) be able to VPN back to the SOHO and use its internet connection going out.

When setting up the VPN connection on the Android phone, there are several configuration items that I cannot align with settings on the router.
Pre-shared key (PSK)
Xauth username
Xauth password

I searched the KB, the FAQ, and the Forums but could not find anything that tied all of this together.

Thanks for your help!

No response, so reposting -

You want the Remote User Access section.For example:

Then you enter the following into your Android VPN profile config:

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It works!

Thank you, Martin.

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