Using PepLink to Physical Switch Over in Between Two ISP

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One of Our Customer who is using PepLink Balance 710 to connect two ISP s . the Load share for the certain application in between both ISP s as define .

However Client want to share the Load in between both ISP as per the Percentage of the actual load , for example he want to use 30 % of total usage with one ISP and 70 % with another .

We are proposing a physical switch with can toggle in between both ISP but in order to switch in between both ISP we need a command from PepLink balance to Phyicial Switch . the command can be send via Telnet or SNMP to the Phyical Switch .

I want to confirm can it is achievable . Does Peplinke can be configure to issue such command based on the consumption of Data .

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Can you please provide detail info for the outbound load-balance that you had mention above ? What do you mean for 30% of the total usage with One ISP and 70% other using the other ISP ? Do you mean 30% of the connections initiate by users are loadbalance using ISP1 and 70 % of the connections initiate by users are loadbalance using ISP2 ?

Regarding to the physical switch, what do you mean “toggle in between ISP” ? In what conditions that you need to switch between the ISP ? Why switching ISP need to send command to switch ?

I just want to understand your requirements before we can advice accordingly and hope you don’t mind for the above questions.

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Please find the reply below in Red .

This is not supported. Anyway, why you are not using Weighted Balance algorithm?