Using Peplink to create an unbreakable live broadcast setup


  • An events company based in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Transmit live video footage data consistently.
  • Currently using multiple communications (DSL, ADSL, Fibre) at the HQ.


  • A mobile router for recording live events which can support and implement several cellular connections as and when required.
  • A strong router based at the HQ for decoding the transmitted file for further processing.
  • Devices must support VPN technology and Bandwidth Bonding.


  • Introducing a Balance 380 to be used at the HQ.
  • The Balance 380 is capable of receiving up to 20 cellular uplinks in the form of live broadcast videos from multiple sites. This router also supports PepVPN and SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding out the box, creating a safe yet ultra fast data link.
  • The MAX HD4 would be used at the live events providing connectivity to the camera equipment.
  • The MAX HD4 has the ability to use four different cellular connections from it’s embedded modems + SIM slots, giving an ultimate edge for providing Bandwidth Bonding or even to eliminate blindspots.
  • This rugged router has various certifications making it suitable for many scenarios.
  • Should you wish to future proof the investment, a MAX HD4 MBX would be a wise choice. This router supports 5G, so when the time comes, you can upgrade to 5G by swapping out the cellular module.
  • Likewise, If you don’t have the architecture to host your own 2nd endpoint, you can opt for Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud. This will give you the flexibility to automatically choose from multiple public servers hosted around the world.

Devices deployed