Using multiple Balance routers to support more than two pepVPN connections?

I replaced a Balance 30 with a Balance One Core (see the separate thread on the B30 being overrun by a cable modem).
I have three offices and would like to have a PepVPN connection to each.
The Balance One only supports two active PepVPN connections.

Current state:
Three PepVPN connections defined at the Balance One. Activate up to two as needed. This is tedious (to say the least), and gets in the way of there being activities across all three connections.
I have not set aside the funds to purchase the Peplink router inherently capable of supporting more than two simultaneous PepVPN connections.
I have a 8-block of static IP addresses available for this.

Is there some way to set up three pepVPN connections?
Possibly employing the spare B30?
Restriction: The B30 cannot be in front of the Balance One.

All pointers or suggestions would be welcome.

There’s an obvious (in retrospect) kludge: Connect the two Balance routers via an IPSec connection, and then one has four PepVPN connections available.

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