Using lan ports as wan in Peplink Balance 20

Hi, there is some way to use lan ports as wan port in Peplink Balance 20?

Sorry, no this is not possible. If you need more WAN ports I suggest a Balance One plus the license key to change LAN1-3 into WAN ports for a total of 5.

Thank you Tim, I have a Balance 20 with two wan connected but I want to add a third wan, both wans and the third are ADSL.

Does your Balance 20 have the optional third WAN port on the front?

A USB Port.

It is not possible to add a third WAN port to your Balance 20.

What happen if I use a USB - LAN converter to use the usb as a ethernet?

USB to Ethernet adapters are not supported on the Balance 20.

Ok, thank you for the support.