Using FusionHub in Azure

I followed the instruction of implement FusionHub in Azure cloud and it’s working good.
Now, I’m trying for a few days to make this attached architecture to work without any successes…

I can ping from the Max ( to FH wan and lan nics ( & but I cant ping to the video server ( The FH and the video server are on the same resource group, in the same vnet.
Video server default gateway is the FH (
On the opposite side, I can ping from the video server to the wan and lan nics of the FH but not to the MAX. The FH can ping to the MAX.
What do I missing here?
Hope you can help me!

My architecture

Thanks in advance,

I assume the FH can ping the video server?

The Fusionhub will not be doing SNAT, so the video server will see the source IPs from the remote site. Potentially there is a firewall blocking traffic from non local private LAN subnets on the video server. Any logs on that Video server - can you run a network capture?

You could run a ping from the LAN of the MAX HD4 to the Video server and try a network capture on the Fusionhub to see if that traffic is being routed correctly.