Using Fusion to increase throughput from remote locations

We have several independent sites using Peplink Balances (710, 30) to load balance over multiple (2-5) Satellite internet links. Each site has 10+ Pepwave APs, configured with multiple SSIDs…used to apply bandwidth limits to guests, etc.

Generally, things are working well. However, in our currently configuration, all connections from a particular client end up routing over the same satellite link, even when the other links are less congested. (we initially distributed outbound connections equally across all, but ran into issues accessing some sites using multiple public DNS names for the same server)

My question: is there a publicly available service that we could bind all of our connections too, to provide better throughput and connection balancing to our end-users at our remote sites? I’ve thought about purchasing another balance for this purposes, but I’d prefer to avoid that. Also, I’d need to find a place to host it with super low latency and high bandwidth to see any net benefit, I expect. Our remote sites are along the Pacific Coast (BC, Canada). The satellite links end up hitting the internet somewhere in the US, I believe.


Hi Ray,

We only can bond internet links with SpeedFusion. Appreciate if you can open ticket at for further checking on your outbound policies.