Using different accounts for Peplink ID

Peplink ID unifies all of your logins under a single email. It allows you to access all of our systems easily without having to login to each system separately. So what can you do if you want to login to a Peplink system using a different account? Using different browsers (Chrome / Firefox) or opening the browser in incognito mode will achieve this. However, the recommended method is to use different profiles for your browser. Most modern browsers (e.g. Chrome / Edge) allow you to have different profiles. Each profile can be associated with a different Peplink ID login. Here is an example using Chrome.

  1. Click on the profile icon.

  2. Click on “Add”.

  3. Create a new profile.

  4. Customize your profile and click “Done”.

  5. Clicking on the profile icon now shows a second profile. Select the new profile.

  6. Login to a different Peplink ID using that new browser instance. You can now access different systems using different Peplink IDs. You may repeat this process for every different account that you have.