Using balance 310 with balance 20

Hi ,

I currently own a Peplink 310 hw rev 1 and planning to buy a new 310 rev 4.

could I use both these devices with speed fusion ?? or buy a new balance 20/30 (limited budget)
and use with new 310 for an un-breakable VPN session.

All 310 revisions come with Speedfusion, so you should have no problem using it on both hw1 and hw4.

FYI Balance 20/30 doesn’t have speedfusion though. The smallest you need is a Balance One with Speedfusion license.

Updated: There a mistake in my statement. Sorry about that. If you are to use the latest firmware v7 on the latest Balance 310, it’ll only support PEPVPN with v6.1 and later. Hence you have to either go for new hardware, or an older firmware version for the new Balance 310.

If you ask me, I’ll say go for new hardware. Otherwise maybe share more on what you’re deploying this for and we can see if other model is suitable?