Using Balance 20X's embedded cat 4 LTE with existing Verizon 4G account in place of a Verizon Jetpack

I have a question about the Balance 20X router (that I am considering buying to replace my Surf SOHO. Short summary, if I replace my Surf SOHO with the Balance 20X, will its internal Cat 4 LTE modem accept my existing Verizon Jetpack AC791L sim card, and just continue to work using my Verizon 4G service directly (instead of the usb tethered via Verizon Jetpack)? If needed or of interest, background details on what I have and why I want to upgrade to the 20x are listed below. -thanks!

Today, I use the Surf SOHO with a Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot - AC791L that plugs into the SOHO’s USB port. The Jetpack plugs into an Panoram Antenna DMM-7-27-2SP 2X2 MIMO external antenna. I use the Jetpack in tether mode, that I set on the Jetpack directly. I have used this for years at my home and it works great.
I am looking to upgrade the router to support the higher bandwidth of 5G cellular. I may well keep Verizon 4G, and add T-mobile 5G (T-mobile has better coverage at my house and Verizon does not offer 5G at my location). I have a test setup in place using a friends T-Mobile Gateway attached to my SOHO’s WAN port and the Verizon 4G modem attached to the SOHO’s USB port … so I have automated backup for Internet access right now in test mode (capped at around 110mbps due to SOHO throughput. If I connect my laptop ethernet directly to the 5G Gateway I get 400-450 mbsec to the Internet.
If upgraded to the Balance 20x, would its integrated cat 4 LTE modem accept the sim card from my Verizon Jetpack, allow me to connect my external antenna, and just work (effectively replacing the jetpack hardware with something more reliable … e.g. no battery to attend to)? I am unsure if my 4G service will work if I cannot use the Jetpack to set the mode to tethering.

Not sure this will help with your specific use case.
I have 4 Verizon data only plans installed in 4 different devices (3 different device types). When discussing SIM installation with Verizon 2nd level support, I asked if a specific SIM would need to go into a specific device. The response was, they are interchangeable (not with standing SIM size - use adapter). While I have not tested every SIM in every device, the SIMs I have tested functioned when installed in different devices. For example, the data only SIM in my PC was interchangeable with my MAX BR1 PRO 4G (same size SIM) with the default settings.
All of my devices are 4G. However, my Verizon data only plan indicated the plan has 5G available.

Thank you so much for that useful information George! --greg

Just to build on @lemondrop9344 - for some plans Verizon does differentiate between “connected devices” and handsets. If you have a SIM card being moved from a handset to a connected device we have found that an intervention from a level 2 tech. support person might be required.

For our plans that has worked well (just a bit of pain to get to that 2nd level tech. support person, though).



Thanks for your feedback.

For those interested, I answered my own question by buying a Balance20X and inserting my old Verizon LTE sim card. Works perfectly and way better than the old mifi AC791L I was using. -greg


That’s for the feedback good info.