Using AT&T Mobile Unlimited Elite in Pepwave Max Transit Duo

I have a pepwave max transit duo, we live in an rv full time so I went with the company MobileMustHave because people said it is the best for on the road wifi. They offer 300gb of data for $200 a month with an AT&T SIM card that I am guessing they created some kind of partnership with. We use all the data watching movies and television within half a month and then are without data the 2nd half of the month. I started looking into it and have heard from some AT&T employees that they can use a SIM card/plan from Samsung phones and they work in the routers. So for way less money each month, we could have unlimited data…but I can’t get it to work in the pepwave max transit duo. I could throw away the router and use the one recommended by the AT&T employee, but I’d rather figure out how to make it work with the Pepwave… any thoughts?

We traveled full time on a boat with multiple streaming TVs and tons of usage. First thing I’d do is start throttling your streaming devices down. You probably wont notice any difference in picture quality and will save a ton of data. 300GB should be plenty. We used 300GB with three streaming TVs, and three full-time streaming security cameras, plus work video calls, etc. I got the usage down to 150gb just throttling the TVs and 100GB lowering the camera quality.

That said, phone plans generally do not work in data only devices. YMMV. If you are sure the plan was activated in a phone or other hotspot, working in that device, and now in a peplink and not working, best you can do is check the APN, otherwise you may be out of luck.

As for MobileMustHave, they may not have a partnership. They could simply be using a $20/month plan and re-selling it for $200/month. Howardforums is a great resource for plans.

I’ll have to google how to throttle the devices down…that will be helpful for sure! I talked to the AT&T employee again, he said he knows it works with a netgear LB1120 that he uses, and being able to use it as a phone plan instead of data only, makes it so that you can get unlimited for much less per month…I didn’t think it would work either, but he swears by it. I’d like to still be able to use the pepwave, I’ll check the APN as well. Thanks

I just set the APN to auto and now it is working! thanks

Phone plans generally work in routers if the APN is set correctly. It’s just a question of how long it will work until the carrier shuts it down for being an unapproved device.

From what I see on their site, the 300 GB AT&T plan from MobileMustHave is $150 per month, not $200.

I know there’s doubt about the legitimacy of most of these reseller plans, including this one but I doubt very much that it’s a $20 tablet plan.

If you really need more data without spending a fortune, you can find “unlimited” reseller plans for $100 or so. The usual reseller cautions apply but … they generally work, until they don’t which could be a long or short time.

yeah, the mobilemusthave plan is only 150 for the first month, then it’s 200 per month. I set the APN to auto and it is working…hopefully I can just fly under the radar for a while. thanks

I think you’re misreading it. It’s $200 for the first month because there’s a $50 activation fee. Then it’s $150.

If it’s really $200 then it’s cheaper to just get 3 of the $100 GB for $55 direct from AT&T. To me, the MMH plan at $150 basically looks like a $15 bulk discount and convenience of one SIM.

I have been full timing & working from my RV since December, 2019. I use a Peplink Max Transit CAT-18. I have one of the older AT&T unlimited data plans sold by Mobile Must Have some time ago. Initially, you were advised to limit your consumption to less than 1000GB/mos. Now, the limit is 500GB/mos.
When I acquired my Peplink device & data plan, I had a limited time to test it to see if it met my needs.
With that said, I streamed media at 720p & 1080p to two ROKU driven TV’s, participated in ZOOM & SKYPE meetings, downloaded/uploaded sizeable files, sent & received email, surfed the web & did everything else I could think of to consume as much data as I could as quickly as I could
Some observations:

  1. With my TV’s, I could not discern any appreciable difference in 720p vs 1080p resolution. The lower the resolution of the display, the less data is consumed. I settled in at 720p. At 480P, even my old eyes could tell the difference.
  2. As you have discovered, streaming media consumes a lot of data. I was able to peg my usage at just over 600gb a month trying to use as much as I could over cellular service. That took some deliberate effort on my part to get it that high.
  3. I’m fortunate that we have decent WIFI at the RV park we are wintering at. All TV media streaming is now via the RV park WIFI directly to the TV’s. If available, use RV park WIFI to stream media.
  4. I am averaging a little less than a 100GB/month on my data plans/RV park WIFI for business use.
    Since I acquired my device & data plans, the major carriers (AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile) have enhanced their offerings. If I were to acquire data plans now, I would most likely make different decisions based on current offerings. However, I have what I have at a price point that remains a good deal for my use.
    I assume you have the Max Transit Duo with dual modems & 4 SIM slots. You paid a significant amount of money for this device & if you have only populated it with only one or two SIMS, I would submit you are not taking full advantage of its capabilities.
    Just some thoughts & perspective based on my usage & experiences.
    Good luck & safe travels!