Using an iPhone as a USB modem?

Ok so I want to test the PEPVPN on this Balance 20 before sending it out. But only have one network and PEPVPN isn’t making a connection internally.

Had this brilliant idea… plug my iphone in… I can use it as a modem for my laptop…

Of course no dice.

Any way of getting it working?


We support Android tethering but not IOS at the moment. We yet to have road map on this but our product team will definitely looking into this.

Definitively a eagerly awaited option :smiley:

I’ve been blowing dust off old equipment and such trying to figure out how to build a wireless router connected via my iPhone’s wifi hotspot. No luck yet.

If you have a spare computer, connect it to the iPhone hotspot (via wifi or USB) and then share that computers internet connection threw the ethernet port to the Balance 20. I have done this in the past with a Mac Book Pro and it worked great with a Balance 310 for a test environment.

Had thought of that but was reluctant to reconfigure one of my linux computers to act as a router just for a 5 second test. Might be quicker to take the peplink to a neighbour’s house :smiley:

Been a few months since I posted this… any update on an iOS tethering?

Hello Michael,

IOS tethering is still unsupported at this time and there is no planned ETA currently.