Using a WAN optimzation product in conjunction with Peplink


Anyone with any experience using a WAN optimization ( Data-dedupe, compression, token substitution, packet aggregation, tcp window sizing, tcp spoofing etc.) type product (Riverbed, SilverPeak etc.) with Peplink? My concern here would be that most wan optimization products use TCP option bits to keep their data streams together - if the option bits are stripped … they lose functionality.


Hi Wanopt,

I have a client that is running Riverbeds behind each Peplink that are connected through SpeedFusion (Peplink/Pepwave proprietary VPN). This is causing no issues for him and should not be a problem for you.



Mike - Thanks - I appreciate the response.


Wanopt, No problem. Please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss in more detail.

Take care,