Using a Verizon U620L modem with the SOTG

I just purchased a Verizon U620L modem and cannot get it to work with my SOTG. I have learned that I need to download a firmware upgrade for the SOTG and apply it before the U620L will work. Where can I find the firmware upgrade and how do I apply the upgrade to the SOTG? I am not technical so I need instructions for a dummy.

Here you go.

Firmware link:

Please refer to the user manual to upgrade the firmware:

Please make sure the auto-connect at USB modem U620L is set to manual. You may refer kb article from Verizon here.


I have a customer that has an SOTG and despite loading the latest firmware (1.0.29) and following the suggested modem configuration, he simply cannot get the U620L modem to work. It will connect to the Verizon network, acquire an IP address, then after a few minutes, drop the connection and go through the authentication process again, acquire a new IP address, work for a few minutes then repeat!! The SOTG works just fine with an ATT modem but the customer wants to use his unlimited Verizon data account.

I have seen quite few threads on your forum regarding problems using the U620L with the SOTG that do not appear to be resolved. Since I had confirmed to the customer that this modem does work based on one of your suppliers ( I’m on the hook to provide a solution to him. One interesting piece of information - his iPhone was using the iHeart Radio app to play music over a Bluetooth speaker and every time the U620L modem disconnected from the Verison network, the Bluetooth app would disconnect from the Bluetooth speaker.

I really need you to get a solid fix for this problem ASAP

Hi. I’m curious: Are the same symptoms seen when this modem is used in a Windoze computer while streaming?

No apparently the customer has no problems using the modem with his MacBook. And the disconnect/re-authorization/reconnect sequence occurred simply when browsing websites, he was not doing anything as data intensive as steaming movies


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@philbmorris, possible to provide the signal strength from the USB modem (If you can provide the figure will be great) when the problem is occurring?

The dashboard showed a full 4 bars! Do you need me to get the customer to get the actual strength in dBm?

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Yes. The signal strength for LTE should be RSRP (-xxx dBm) and 3G should be RSSI (-xxx dBm). This reading will be more accurate if compare to the signal bar.

Can you remind me where the actual dB is shown? It isn’t shown on the dashboard - sample screenshot from the customer shobelow

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@philbmorris, I mean get the signal strength from the USB modem if possible.

The modem only shows two LEDs, and according to the Verizon manual the modem is working properly as shown by the LEDs. Also to reiterate when the modem is plugged into the MacBook the customer has no problem communicating via the Verizon network and the modem does not keep dropping connectivity

Short because it was sent from my iPhone

You should able to see this. Please confirm.

Signal strength when the modem is connected to the MacBook shows -89 dBm

Look like the modem reset is not related to the signal strength. I suggest downloading Diagnostic Report when the problem is occurring. Then submit ticket for us to investigate.