Using a mobile hotspot as WAN aggregation for uploads only?

I’m currently routing all traffic on my Balance Two thru an AWS deployment of Fusion Hub. My single existing WAN connection is a 20mbps/2mbps DSL. I would like to add a Verizon Jetpack to the USB WAN port only to assist with uploads, since the Verizon data is capped and uploads tend to slow down DSL downloads. Is this possible with the Balance Two?

By the way, Visible (which is same as VZW) is unlimited… Yes they do limit download speeds to 5-6Mb. But in my experience they do not throttle UPLOAD the same way that they throttle download speeds. I’ve routinely gotten 20Mb upload speed on Visible. You might want to consider Visible as an alternative to standard Verizon. Or if your concerned about caps.

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Yes you can set a WAN to be used for either UP or DOWN or BOTH. That’s called Asynchronous bonding.

Its in the Advanced WAN settings on an IC2 Profile

or under the blue help icon on the SPeedFusion Profile when configured locally.


Visible is definitely not the same as VZW. There are key differences. Visible leverages VZW’s radios and cell towers but hosts their own servers/back-end. At one point, Latency was a big issue. They also get low priority on VZW’s network. If you have tolerance for slow downs, latency, lower priority, then perhaps Visible is OK, but not for mission critical.

Visible is a lower-priority MVNO on the Verizon network. Its quality of service can be very location- and time-dependent. If the Verizon network is congested then (in our experience) Visible slows to a crawl even if Verizon connections function well. If Verizon is not congested then Visible may work at the same speed as Verizon connections.

In other words: YMMV (greatly).



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Hmm. This is interesting. Would this be advisable and optimal for a livestream setup to YouTube if our bonded bandwidth is somewhat limited?

Depends on what is limiting the bandwidth…I tend to use Asynchronous most for high latency satellite and LTE combinations where I send download via the SAT and upload via the LTE to reduce RTT latency.