Users have to re-enter credentials when migrate from one AP to another

Hello,I have a peplink 1350 balancer and 7 pepwave AP one 300. I have setted-up a captive portal and i provide users acces for limited amount of time based on the username and password peplink generates.The issue is that everytime users roam from one AP to another, they get the captive-portal again and have to re-enter credentials. How can this be solved?Thankfully,Marral

Please make sure the SSID is the same for all 7 AP’s.

I did. They all have the same SSID.
I am using the same combinations in 4 different locations. I have the same problemeverywhere.

Please open a support ticket for further troubleshooting:

I opened the ticked. Did anyone encountered this before? How can it be solved?
I have the same profile setted up in the peplink, and i saw that aps are using different channels, but can’t seem to be able to set them up manually

Thank you.


Can I have your ticket number?

[Ticket #744981]


Tech support will reply to you soon. Please stay tuned.