User Recommendations for Peplink Model Consideration

Are the user recommendations, how many users you have, based on the number of expected active sessions the model can support.

E.g. The 380 is recommended for 100-500 Users, is there an Active Session ceiling at say 2x or 3x the top number of users the model is recommended for?

Also, is there a ceiling or recommendation for how many sessions go over one WAN connection?

Thank you,


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the questions. The Balance 380 is rated for up to 75,000 concurrent sessions, and it doesn’t really matter if it is one WAN or all three.



Dont be too caught up with user count. I’ only have 55 users and would have been fine with a lower model but opted with the 380. For me it was the throughput that was the issue. Currently have 8/8 synchronous t1 line and Two UVerse lines at 12DL/1.5UL . With faster and faster speeds, your throughput after all the load balancing policies, or firewall policies get to be a bottleneck. I may be moving to Fiber fairly soon and the 8/8 might be replaced with a 50 MB connection.