User_ID in API from IC2

We need to find out when users log on to IC2.

This API is the right one: /rest/u/{user_id}/access_log
However to run it we need the “user_id”

So I have run this API to get the user_ids for a group: /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/user_view
But this returns no data: resp_code: “success”, data:“”.

I have then gone into the source code of the manage group page and I can see my user_id - a random set of alphanumerics. My colleague has run this too and there is no pattern in our user_ids

How can I find the user_ids for all the IC2 users I manage?


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As a user may belongs to different organizations & groups, due to security reason, you can only retrieve your own access log but not other users

If you want to check when or who login to your organization, you may refer to “operation_logs” instead.

The “user_view” call is aim for retrieve map and view preference, think it’s not useful for API reference, we will hide this call.

Shall you have any API related question or request, you may also send email to [email protected].