User defined times for Disconnect/Connect cycles for each WAN

In order to renew the IP addresses of the WANs, I’d like to be able to specify when a particular WAN should do a Disconnect/Connect cycle.

[This is different from reboot/power cycle when all WANs will go out and all renew their IPs. Plus, it would take longer to get up again.]

From our understanding, you only need to do IP renewal under DHCP. And if so, this is done automatically by the design of the protocol and our product.

Can you tell us under what other scenarios you will need this scheduled IP renewal? Thanks.

In my experience, the ISPs don’t force you to change your IP at all as long as remain connected; yet, they will assign you a new IP every time you do a disconnect/connect cycle.

I’d like to make use of the ISP’s data retention policy just to be on the safe side --in case an internal user has stepped over a line marked a no-no by our ever expanding censorship overlords.

This is the reason I’d like to do periodical disconnect/connect cycles --I am aware that this isn’t a perfect/ideal solution, but it can help relieve unnecessary head aches down the line.