Used Peplink Balance

Are there any downside or risk that if I buy used peplink balance (bluechip) sa. 380, 580, 1350 from other people. If the hardware is all function, can I upgrade the firmware and purchase warranty ?

Biggest risk operationally is which hardware version it is - lower hardware versions often mean that it can’t run latest firmware.

Often they are not in warranty either of course - which means they can’t be managed in InControl2 either (without buying warranty). I would get a quote from your partner of choice for hardware warranty on the devices first so you know the true commercial cost of buying second user equipment.

Then I would ask for a screengrab of the status page on each balance to know which hardware version it is. You can look up hardware version throughput differences on here.


I see. I heard from some reseller that if peplink is out of warranty then Peplink will not allow to extend warranty in that case. I have a problem with this a few year ago. I can’t buy extend warranty for my customer who let’s their Balance one expire for a month.

If those used machine is working and I willing to pay for essential care. but the previous owner keep them in stock without warranty. is that another problem ?