Use Peplink Balance device to monitor link latency and packet loss

I have a customer that wants to use the Peplink Balance devices for QoS purposes primarily focused on monitoring link latency and packet loss. This would allow them to quickly troubleshoot issues and get the right party involved (e.g. ISP or not). Is this possible now? Is this under consideration in a near term firmware release?



I don’t believe so at this time, as currently the only way to view link latency/packet loss is by using SpeedFusion which displays each WAN links latency/packet loss.
Engineering may be able to provide additional information.

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We requested this feature so many times and our customers also requested … but no attention !:mad: This information are mandatory to have an insight of WAN links.

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This is under our consideration. We are looking the feasibility to implement this feature. Stay tuned!

Hi, I’m also looking for information about my wans, latency and packet loss. I’m using a balance 30. Can you tell me what SpeedFusion is and how I would start going about using it on my network?



You may refer here for more details on SpeedFusion. Configuration guide is available here.

Hope this help.

Thanks for the response. Sorry, please bear with me as I don’t know much about networking, but I’m looking for a way to log events such as packet loss and latency with my balance 30 router. Do you know if there a way to do this without additional hardware?


You may find packet lost at:-

  1. Login to B30 > Enter http://”IP of your device”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi.

We don’t have a proper way to monitor latency at the moment. This will be improve in future firmware release. You may perform ping test to confirm latency (System > Ping).

Proactive latency / packet loss monitoring and alerting would be a welcome addition, along with delays on when WAN outage alerts are generated.