Use of OpenVPN remote access with shared-ip drop-in mode?

Is it possible to set up OpenVPN for remote user access with a Peplink Balance 20X that is set up for drop-in mode using a shared WAN IP?

@lcking919, this is an interesting deployment, would you mind share more of your use case and how the setup looks like?

Sure thing. We have the balance deployed at a customer site and controlling a local VLAN network for IP phones, while doing drop-in to a customer’s firewall that is controlling the local data network. We are using shared-IP drop-in mode, however would like to have a way to access the VLAN’d network behind the Peplink if possible.

Are you looking to access the networks at the LAN side of the firewall? If so, I would suggest enabling remote access from the firewall instead of Balance 20X since Drop-in was enabled.

No, I am looking to access the VLAN network that the Balance 20X controls, which is separate from the customer’s other firewall which is behind us in drop-in mode. It seems I am able to enable OpenVPN on the Balance 20X and set up the configuration, however there is no option to export the .ovpn config like usual.

This is strange. :thinking:

Remote User Access should be disabled if Drop-in mode is enabled.

If you need to access the LAN network of B20X, below is the option:

  1. Enable remote access from the firewall then allow remote access client to access B20X’s network.
  2. Establish PepVPN tunnel between the B20X and the Peplink device in your office/home.

Hope this helps.

In this case, the customer’s firewall does not have access to the voice VLAN that is controlled by the Peplink. So my only option in this case for remote access to the network would be through a PepVPN tunnel?