Use LAN port for WAN Hotspot device

I have a MaxTransit Cat 18 Single modem, with 2 SIM’s and a hotspot on the WAN port. I’m going to add another hotspot and could use it as Wifi as WAN, but is it possible to put a hotspot on the LAN port to act as another Ethernet WAN? What if I have a switch on the LAN port with the new hotspot and my mesh WIFI controller? Possible?

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Peplink devices are very particular as to where you can add internet connections - they do always have to be on a designated WAN generally speaking.

Inbuilt cellular, wired wan and wifi WAN is about your limit really although you do have independent 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi wan connections if you really need them - taking the total to four simultaneous connections.

However. You are limited to 400MBps router throughput and 100MBps speedfusion throughput (60Mbps if encrypted) and the transit’s CPU will likely get a hammering working with so many WANs at the same time…

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Thanks Martin. I’ll give it a try. Want to do this before adding a second Maxtransit in the future.